Project description


The project “Cross border development of centers of excellence in primary schools”, acronym KNOWLEDGE WELL, was approved under the Interreg VA cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020. The project began in June 2020, and during the implementation, a number of activities will be aiming to establish five adequately equipped and competent centers of excellence in the partner cross-border area of Hungary-Croatia.

The goal of the “Knowledge Well” project is to establish five adequately equipped and competent centers of excellence in the partner cross-border area of Hungary-Croatia, which will create conditions for the implementation of quality educational programs in primary schools in Koprivnica. Project activities will be implemented in the area of Koprivnica-Križevci County (Croatia) and in the area of Zala and Baranja County (Hungary).

During the implementation period, a number of project activities will be carried out, the main activities of the project being the implementation of trainings for teachers and professional associates in working with excellent students. Experienced mentors will educate teachers, helping them to enhance their knowledge and skills in working with excellent students in the fields of natural, social, and technical sciences. There will also be round tables and workshops for teachers and professional associates, where teachers will enhance their knowledge in creating programs to work with excellent students. The end result of these activities will be the programs designed to work with excellent students. Excellent students, who will be previously identified by psychologists, will have the opportunity to participate in three-day camps that will be held first in Pécs, Hungary and then in Koprivnica, Croatia. These are creative camps where they will spend their free time together with teachers and professional associates engaging in various sports and cultural activities, which will give them the opportunity to develop their motivation and creativity. In addition to participating in camps, excellent students will have the opportunity to participate in competitions for excellent students, and also engage in additional training, where teachers and professional associates, with the help of educational materials and other equipment will work with students that will greatly contribute to their talents and creativity.

During the implementation of the project, a manual intended for teachers in working with excellent students will be developed and workshops will be organized for teachers, students, and parents with the aim of introducing methods for more successful achievement of excellence. The project will procure equipment in terms of instruments for the identification of outstanding students, laptops, and smartboards that will be used in the implementation of project activities and after the project. The project contributes to a better quality of work with excellent students in the primary education system by connecting knowledge and people from the cross-border area. It also creates a joint collaboration of project partners of Coity of Koprivnica on one side, and the Municipality of Heviz and Sztárai Mihály Általános Iskola from Pecs.